Milk is produced at different scaled farms all over the world starting with
small family households, medium-sized farms with growing herds, and
increasing number of with large-scale farms with over 500 heads.
Regardless of the farm size and management style, the demand of milk
processing companies from these farms is a quality raw material, that is,
clean milk with low bacteria level and somatic cell count, free from chemical

A well designed and installed milking system in accordance with current
international norms is the first necessity in producing milk with these

Tarımak offers Bereket milking systems with different features, equipped with up-to-date technology and high-quality milking equipment to the use of world milk producers.

Installing the right system is only the first step. The supply of affordable original spare parts of the installed system over time and periodical maintenance by expert technicians directly affect the efficiency and profitability of the milking system, which is the heart of the dairy farm.

Bereket milking systems are designed in accordance with ISO norms to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for milkers, a healthy and comfortable milking process for animals, and high-quality end product for consumers.


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